Absolute New York Aqua Hydrating Mask - 1 Pair, 0.1 oz / 2.83 g

Hydrating Mask

SFMS01 Aqua
Marker Eyeliners

Marker Eyeliners

MEML01 Expert Script
Metal Element by Absolute New York in Bahama Beaches (MLME01) - is a metallic bronze with iridescent pearls. This lightweight metallic lipstick is buttery-smooth and leaves your lips with a shimmery finish.

Metal Element

MLME01 Bahama Beaches
Silicone Skincare Brush Applicator (mint green) easily picks up and distributes any thick skincare products across the skin for mess-free application. Ideal for face masks.

Silicone Brush Applicator

AB021 Mint Green
Supreme Slim Lipstick by ABSOLUTE NEW YORK in Fiji (MLSS01) - is a shade of burnt-orange with a luster-satin finish. (0.8 oz / 22.68 g)

Supreme Slim Lipstick

MLSS01 Fiji